Lewis Plaza

Property Name: Lewis Plaza
Location: Greenville, SC
Property Type: Retail
Transaction Type: Permanent Financing
Loan Amount: $10,000,000
Details: Q10 | Professional Mortgage Company President, Bryson G. Thomason, recently arranged a $10,000,000 fixed-rate loan for the redevelopment and expansion of the historic Lewis Plaza Shopping Center, which is located on Augusta Street in Greenville, SC. The planned project includes a new 53,000-square-foot Harris Teeter grocery store, new 5,000-square-foot free-standing retail shop building, exterior upgrades to existing shop space and relocation of an existing bank facility to a new free-standing building. This transaction was for the portfolio of an institutional lender that Q10 | Professional Mortgage Company represents as a loan correspondent. Professional Mortgage Company will service this loan.
More Info: Bryson Thomason at 864-242-0079 or contact me