123-129 Halstead Avenue

Property Name: 123-129 Halstead Avenue
Location: Mamaroneck, NY
Property Type: Retail
Transaction Type: First Mortgage
Loan Amount: $1,000,000
Details: Rich Hendey and Steve McCulloch of Houlihan Parnes Realtors, LLC have placed a $1,000,000 loan on 123-129 Halstead Avenue located across the street from the Mamaroneck train station. The non-recourse loan was done at par and has a fixed rate of 4% for a period of five years with a 30 year amortization schedule. The Borrower has a five year option to renew. The recent façade renovation and upgrade to the common areas enabled the owners to attract a stable mix of office and retail tenants to further increase the value of this asset. The loan was placed with a regional bank and the borrowers were represented by John Nickelsberg of the law firm Rabine & Nickelsberg.
More Info: Rich Hendey & Steve McCulloch at 914-694-6070 or contact me